論文・執筆等 – 業績集:2023年 –


  • Ishinuki T, Shinkawa H, Kouzu K, et al. (Yamashita C, 6th author, among 9 authors)
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  • Shinohara A, Kagaya H, Komura H, Ozaki Y, Teranishi T, Nakamura T, Nishida O, Otaka Y.
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  • Unoki T, Hayashida K, Kawai Y et al. (Nishida O, 73rd author among 73 authors) & The Committee for the Clinical Practice Guidelines of Early Mobilization and Rehabilitation in Intensive Care of the Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine
    Japanese clinical practice guidelines for rehabilitation in critically ill patients 2023 (J-ReCIP 2023).
    j intensive care 2023;11: doi:10.1186/s40560-023-00697-w
  • Kikutani K, Shimatani T, Kawaguchi A et al.(Nishida O, 6th author among 7th authors) Medical equipment that improve safety and outcomes of inter-facility transportation of critically ill patients: A systematic review. Medicine (Baltimore) 2023;102:e33865. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000033865.
  • Komatsu S, Yatabe T, Hara Y, Kuriyama N, Nakamura T, Nishida O.
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  • Sawada K, Shimomura Y, Hasegawa D, Harada T, Nakamura T, Kuriyama N, Hara H, Komura H, Nishida O. Association of circulating histone H3 and high mobility group box 1 levels with postoperative prognostic indicators in intensive care unit patients: a single-center observational study. Fujita Med J 2023;9:95-100. doi.org/10.20407/fmj.2022-008
  • Hinoue T, Yatabe T, Nishida O.
    Prediction of postoperative atrial fibrillation with the systemic immune-inflammation index in patients undergoing cardiac surgery using cardiopulmonary bypass: A retrospective, single-center study.
    J Artif Organs 2023;26:112-18. doi: 10.1007/s10047-022-01338-z
  • Fujiwara H, Yamashita C, Kawaji T, Nakamura T, Kuriyama N, Hara Y, Komatsu S, Fukushima M, Suzuki S, Tsutsumi T, Nishida O. Promotion of a venous thromboembolism prevention protocol at a perioperative management center. FMJ 2023;9:179-185. doi: 10.20407/fmj.2022-024


  • 清水弘太, 栗山直英, 森山和広, 川合確, 竹内大智, 中村智之, 原嘉孝, 幸村英文, 西田修.
    返血側エアートラップチャンバーヘの流入方式の違いとメッシュの有無はVチャンバー内での滞留発生に影響を与えるか. 日急性血浄化会誌 2023;14:126-30.
  • 西田修.
    麻酔科医出身の集中治療医. 麻酔2023;72:815.
  • 西田修.
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  • 河合佑亮, 西田修.
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  • 西田修.
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  • 西田修.
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  • 幸村英文.
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  • 西田修.
    ICUとCCU 2023;47.147.
  • 西田修.
    特集「明日の集中治療を見据えて」編集後記. 医工治療 2023;35:64.
  • 山下千鶴.
    急性臓器障害におけるアフェレシス. 日アフェレシス会誌 2023;42:5-6.


  • 森山和広, 西田修.
    敗血症における血液浄化法の工夫. 松田直之編. 救急・集中治療アドバンス.敗血症感染症と臓器障害への対応.
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  • 矢田部智昭, 西田修.
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  • 山下千鶴.
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  • 森山和広, 西田修.
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  • 山下千鶴.
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  • 中村智之, 西田修.
    IVC脱血・内頸静脈送血に慣れている施設が逆(右房脱血・IVC送血)を行うのはどのような症例ですか?. 大下慎一郎編. 呼吸ECMOおたすけハンドブック.
    大阪:メディカ出版;2023. p. 38-41.
  • 中村智之, 西田修.
    V-V ECMO中に循環が不安定になったら、V-AとV-VA ECMOのどちらにすべきですか?. 大下慎一郎編. 呼吸ECMOおたすけハンドブック.
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  • 中村智之, 森山和広, 西田修.
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  • 原嘉孝, 西田修.
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  • 原嘉孝, 西田修.
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  • 原嘉孝, 西田修.
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  • Nakamura T, Kuriyama N, Hara Y, Yamashiro T, Komatsu S, Kawaji T, Hayakawa S, Komura H, Yamashita C, Nishida O.
    Abnormal stenosis of a drainage cannula due to excessive negative pressure during venovenous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation management: a case re-port. J Artif Organs 2023; Online ahead of print.
    doi: 10.1007/s10047-023-01414-y
  • Kawaji T, Okamoto A, Moriyama K, Hayakawa S, Tomita A, Hara Y, Kuriyama N, Nakamura T, Nishida O.
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  • Ueda Y, Kawaji T, Komura H, Hara Y, Kuriyama N, Nakamura T, Nishida O.
    Usefulness of intraoperative transesophageal echocardiography for hemodynamic management of liver transplantation in a patient with massive polycystic liver disease: A case report.
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  • Ishinuki T, Shinkawa H, Kouzu K, et al. (Yamashita C, 11th author, among 19 authors)
    Recent evidence for subcutaneous drains to prevent surgical site infections after abdominal surgery: A systematic review and metaanalysis. World J Gastrointest Surg 2023;15:2879-89. doi:10.4240/wjgs.v15.i12.2879


  • 前田舞, 柴田純平, 小川慧, 内山壮太, 秋山正慶, 西田修.
    日ペインクリニック会誌 2023;30:138-40.


  • 江木盛時, 小倉真治, 垣花泰之, 黒田泰弘, 佐藤直樹, 志馬伸朗, 谷口巧, 土井研人, 西田修, 藤谷茂樹, 藤野裕士, 升田好樹.
    編集協力学会(日本集中治療医学会). 日本外傷学会外傷専門診療ガイドライン改訂第3版編集委員会編.


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  • 西田修.
    第50回日本集中治療医学会開催 医学界新聞 (2023.4.3発行)
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